The IT Recruitment Trends That The Companies Need To Focus On

https://i2.wp.com/www.hrmasia.com/sites/default/files/field/images/HiRes_mainpg.jpgIT based recruitment is one of the hot topics of the recruitment industry. While there are certain developments which are likely to influence the hiring in this segment there are a few challenges which pose to be a threat for it. Hence, it is very essential to point out the evident prospects of IT recruitment.

  • In recent times it is not about delivering products or services with perfection, it involves making the product simple and convenient at the same time. The business operations and strategies need to be formulated according to that. So IT recruitment is contributing significantly towards business management objectives.
  • The IT recruitment segment is bound to experience a recruitment explosion in recent times. It comes as a no surprise that new form of technology is appearing in the global market quite frequently. So the professionals who have knowledge regarding these are in high demand as companies need to design product and services around the same. There are certain skill sets which are also pretty rare in the market. Hence, the demand for IT professionals will increase evidently.
  • As the demand for IT professionals have increased, recruiters are tapping in to the passive candidate pool. The passive candidate section is considered one of the richest sources of talent now days. These candidates are the ones who are not actively looking for job opportunities. They are usually employed with other companies or competitors. In order to reach out to this talent pool, companies are partnering with recruitment agencies. Employer branding, work culture, employee benefits and career growth prospective are very essential and attractive to this talent base.
  • IT recruitment is anticipated to spread across various other segments rather than being restricted to technology only. It is no more about writing codes for programs. It has expanded its reach towards other business segments and functionalities like production, supervision, quality check, testing and much more.
  • Compensation demand has risen with the increasing demand for IT professionals. Previously, there were limited technologies which had increasing number of professionals’ who were both fresher and experienced. Now with various technologies in the market, the professionals experienced in each of them have become pretty less and the industry remains fragmented. So, the companies need to pay higher for recruiting them.

With all these forthcoming developments, there are certain challenges which are evident as well.

  • With recruitment, comes another crucial responsibility of retention. As with competitors, they would constantly try to poach these professionals with better packages and benefits which will lead to increased pressure on the retention policies.
  • The demand supply gap will increase between the requirement and availability of the IT professionals. This is likely to impact the recruitment process in a significant manner. The crisis of experienced and top notch professionals is bound to impact the business processes across every segment.

Lastly, internal business processes might suffer due to the lack of skilled professionals across the life cycle of the product or service.


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