Cloud Computing is Reforming The HR Segment Across Businesses


In times when the paper based processes were prevalent, the mangers and HR executives were subjected to a lengthy process whenever a fresh recruitment happened. But the scenario has changed drastically in recent years. All this has been possible due to the advent of cloud computing.

The benefits of cloud computing has been felt majorly across HR segment the most than any other area. The time sheet management, leave tracking, records updating and other back office tasks have been effectively managed by cloud computing. It has opened up the scope of customizable software that can be installed and updated according to need. This aspect is especially important in case of investments. Many companies tend to keep their costs on the lower end in case of HR segment since it is not a profit yielding business segment. A software that and run various tasks effectively and do not need to be entirely remodeled balances the cost aspect to a great extent.

The recruitment and selection process has become streamlined with cloud computing. The data inputs regarding the applicants, resumes of the short listed candidates, contact details could be stored and accessed efficiently through the system. It has saved a significant amount of admin time and increased flexibility of the operations.

The payroll management systems have been enhanced to a great extent using cloud software. Keeping tracks of the salary dispatch, pay slips and effective implementation of increments, recording the additional benefits and managing the queries is a complicated process which has been simplified by the use of cloud computing. Also all the information is at one place which helps the authorized employees to check and resolve the issues within a limited time frame.

The cloud software is based on a consumer centric approach coupled with mobile style interface. This helps in motivating the younger generation workforce. Today’s corporate environment is characterized by workforce diversity. It includes employees from different cultures, gender, age group and such like. Designing single software that will be helpful and acceptable across all workforce segments is a major challenge. Cloud based software has handled the challenge with ease and efficiency. The optimization process in cloud based software it also trouble free and simple.

Predictive analysis is an important aspect of cloud computing. It has helped quantifying various aspects of recruitment and workforce management. Understanding the professional behavioral pattern through in depth quantitative analysis has been made possible with this initiative. Even the employee productivity can be evaluated in terms of work style and contribution of ideas through this approach.

Cloud based operations have promoted flexibility across business segments. An employee can now work from any location, even from his home with the help of cloud environment. The concept of global operations has been brought to reality with the help of cloud based software. Thus it is more than just technology upgrade. It has revolutionized the business operations of corporate environment in a positive manner by simplifying processes and saving time.


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