Big Data Contribution Towards Employee Engagement


Big data refers to larger data set that can be analyzed in a strategic manner to reveal trends and association related to various business segments. Employee engagement is a growing element of workforce management in recent times. According to published sources, disengaged employees result in decreasing employee morale which directly impacts the productivity. The businesses can benefit from big data towards effective handling of the scenario. There are certain data driven strategies that be very helpful in managing employee engagement.

  • Big data can be very helpful in understanding the employee behavioral pattern in a logical manner. This helps in identifying the factors that inspire the employees towards their functionality, increases or decreases the urge to learn during the job and areas where the knowledge is limited. All these can be tracked down through the huge data reserves of HR segment. This data can be utilized to decipher employee matrix in a valuable manner. The employee engagement strategy can be designed according to the analysis for better results.
  • It can be a valuable method to analyze the current employee engagement matrix of a company. Every business has a unique model. Implementing certain standardized programs is not always sufficient towards increasing employee engagement. It might also result in unwanted operational cost addition to the company. Big data can analyses the current scenario to propose the ideal programs for a company.
  • It is always better to start the analysis at the basic level before approaching complex statistics. Understanding the behavioral pattern of the employee as a part of the company, studying the compensation levels and categories and comparing them to the market statistics and finally importance towards resolving employee grievances and issues. These are some of the basic areas which directly influence the employee engagement criteria.
  • It helps in measuring the employee based KPIs or key performance indicators in the accurate manner. Big data successfully contributes towards monitoring and identification of top performers who can be endorsed with rewards and recognition to boost their motivation in order to influence productivity levels. It also helps in pointing out the shortfalls of the employees so that they can be guided in the right direction.
  • It helps in remodeling of HR goals. HR strategies cannot remain stagnant for a long time. Since the corporate environment has become very dynamic in nature, the companies need to amend the HR strategies according to the market and industry trends. Bid Data can contribute significantly to the cause.
  • Lastly, it is not always the employee data that need to be considered. The customer feedback’s and suggestions can be a good source of information towards product or service enhancement which can be directed towards employee engagement.

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